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Media Campaign

As a media sponsor, we would like your assistance in (airing/publishing) news stories, public service announcements and event notices, advertising and other items of interest that will help promote the week’s activities to your (listeners, viewers, readers).

In return, we will include your (channel’s& Radio station’s) name and logo on all our promotional material, such as: flyers, newsletters, website, event programs, news releases, and advertising, and publicly in remarks at any special events. If useful, we can also provide you with a charitable tax receipt.

The goodwill and awareness you receive for helping us, are benefits for your (Newspaper Channel’s & Radio station) we, in turn, will benefit from your sponsorship.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the sole concessionaires for advertising on following media:

Projects & Work Details
Four day event held at Panchkula (Haryana), where Prime Minister S. Manmohan Singh and UPA president Smt. Sonia Gandhi was chief guest and inaugurated the event on first day.

ICT Documentary
A 25 minute documentary for Sarb Shiksha Abhiyaan Authority (SSA), Punjab in Punjabi & English based on the computer education provided by Punjab School Education Board with the help of SSA.

PMB Documentary
A 25 minute documentary for Punjab Mandi Board, Punjab in Punjabi based upon the services, policies and benefits given by the Mandi Board to the farmers in different Kisan & Apni Mandis.

Vision Punjab
A 15 minute (aaprox.) story based upon NRI SAMMELAN held at Hotel Taj in Chandigarh and Bath Castle in Jalandhar in January 2008 organised by Punjab Government for NRIs.

Bharij Fabricators
A 10 minute company profile of car fabricators named M/s Bharij Fabricators, Kurali, Punjab made by me.

LIVE Telecasts
Rallies organized by Punjab Government in Punjab and New Delhi during year 2007-09 on various issues telecasted on various channels. Multi camera setup with on-line editing and on air on different National and Regional Channels.

We, M/s Madhu Communications, have prepared audio & video jingles for Haryana and Punjab Governments. We have prepared “PUNJAB DIARY” 27 episode program based upon the policies and activities of Punjab Government. These episodes run on DG CABLE, MH One, PTC and many other regional channels.

Extra Advantage
Done research work for Serial Gazab Desh ke Azab Log (1 episode #21) telecasted on NDTV Imagine for Chandigarh region.

Details of our Local channels
SITI Filmy: – This is our first complete entertainment channel showing New Movies, Religious Programs, Songs etc. In this channel your Scroll advertisements will repeat after every 10-15 Min. Minimum insertions are 25-30 times in a day. Siti Filmy channel is display on 122 numbers in Cable Set top.

FW Movies: – FW Movies are second entertainment channels shows movies, songs and programs. Aston Band will display after every 10-15 min and it will repeat 25-30 times per day. FW Movie channel is display on 121 number on Cable Set top box.

FW Music: – FW Music is 24 hrs. On-Demand Music Channel. Scroll advertisement will display after Every 5-10 min and it will repeat 35-40 times per day. FW music channel is display on 693 Number on Cable Set top box.


Our prestigious corporate clients in our bucket like Airtel, Reliance, Idea, LG, Yamaha, Tanishq, SRL Ranbaxy, Money Gram, Kingfisher, Frankfinn, Flying cats, Oxam, WWICS, Zee TV,

Our Government Clients are: SBI, SBOP, PNB, Verka (Milkfed), Director public relations Punjab, Director Health and family welfare, Punjab State lotteries, PSEB, DIPR Haryana etc.

From Commercial Point – our station can be of great value for your brands, which is as follows:

1. FOCUSED CAMPAIGN: Your clientele matches my target audiences and you can have a much focused campaign for the TG’s (targeted group).

2. HIGH BRAND CONNECTIVITY WITH TARGET CONSUMERS: We can promote your store by aligning program me to suit your need for high brand connectivity with consumers.

3. INCREASE FOOT FALL: We can do outdoor broadcasting from your store to increase foot fall in your store.

4. BRANDING: We can distribute gift vouchers and other goodies on our station for TOP of MIND RECALL.

5. CONCEPT SELLING: We create some concept for better sales etc.

6. LOW AVOIDENCE: Radio has the lowest avoidance among all mediums of advt. as people listens to same frequency without flipping over, unlike in newspaper, Cable and TV.

7. TOP OF MIND RECALL: The oral medium of advertising registers the brand in subconscious mind of a listener and thus gives HIGHEST RECALL RATE to this medium of advertising.

Few of the key benefits of having Spot Radio at stores:

It helps in UPLIFTING THE MUSIC & AUDIO EXPERIENCE at the stores; ensuring standardization of audio content at stores, getting professionally handled store announcements for customers and uplifting overall mood of customers & staff at stores.

It builds a platform for ‘s management to ENGAGE WITH STORE STAFF for training, motivations, top management messaging, reward announcements and other options of keeping them motivated & increase their productivity.
It INCREASES STORE SALES by doing last mile offer & scheme announcement at stores.
It creates an ADDITIONAL REVENUE OPPORTUNITY with third party advertising at in store radio of the store.
Standard Package Details

Branded /Hybrid Packages

The audio stream will be branded as per your business name e.g.’s Spot Radio.
The content comprises of Sound Recordings genres to cater to your target audience
Branding/Promotion/Important audio announcements of your brand/organization
Live audio shows of your choice relating to your products and services (in LIVE STREAM only)

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