CMS for Corporates who are looking for an on-line web solutions for their company

SMN Infocom have developed a New CMS for Corporates who are looking for an on-line web solutions for their company. You can use this CMS with ease and effortlessly without the knowledge of Programming code etc.

No other CMS software gives you so much while keeping things so simple. With our “Corporate Website”, you will get incredible website with amazing design, fantastic features, and all within your budget.

Website Designs That Look Great on Any Device
Our Corporate website designs that automatically adapt to look great on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Unmatched Stability and Support
When you put your trust in a CMS platform, nothing is more important than the company that stands behind it. With Corporate Website, you can count on stability and support like you’ve never experienced.

Other Features

  • Use HTML and CSS standards
  • No proprietary languages to learn
  • Full design documentation and support
  • Completely web-based
  • No software to download
  • Static, customizable, keyword-friendly URLs
  • Extremely fast loading speeds
  • Page-level META descriptions and keywords
  • Web standards make every page search engine friendly
  • Add/Manage new pages with one click
  • Add/Manage Blog & Articles
  • Add/Manage News & Events
  • Add/Manage Testimonials
  • Add/Manage PDF Uploading

And many more features……

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