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An Introduction to HTML 5 – latest standard of HTML

HTML5 is the latest standard for HTML. The previous version of HTML, HTML 4.01, came in 1999, and the internet has changed significantly since then. HTML5 was designed to replace both HTML 4, XHTML, and the HTML DOM Level 2. It was specially designed to deliver rich content without the need for additional plugins. The current version delivers everything from animation to graphics, music to movies, and can also be used to build complicated web applications. HTML5 is also cross-platform. It is designed to work whether you are using a PC, or a Tablet, a Smartphone, or a Smart TV. Some of the most interesting new features in HTML5 are: The <canvas> element for 2D drawing The <video> and <audio> elements for media playback Support for local storage New content-specific elements, like <article>, <footer>, <header>, <nav>, <section> New form controls, like calendar, date, time, email, url, search Browser Support for HTML5 All major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera) support the new HTML5 elements and APIs, and continue to add new HTML5 features to their latest versions. The HTML 5 working group includes AOL, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera, and hundreds of other... read more

Batch file for Changing IPs from Static to DHCP

Following is the content of the batch file. Just copy the below script in notepad and save as .bat file.  First change the static IPs as per your need. This script is very useful for offices where two internet connection are working and one is having static ip address and other DHCP @echo off echo Choose Option to set IP Address: echo [A] Reliance echo [B] Connect echo. :choice SET /P C=[A,B]? for %%? in (A) do if /I “%C%”==”%%?” goto A for %%? in (B) do if /I “%C%”==”%%?” goto B goto choice :A @echo off echo “Setting Static IP Information” netsh interface ipv4 set address name=”Local Area Connection 2″ source=static address= mask= gateway= netsh interface ipv4 set dns name=”Local Area Connection 2″ source=static address= register=NONE netsh interface ipv4 add dns name=”Local Area Connection 2″ address= index=2 netsh interface ipv4 set wins name=”Local Area Connection 2″ source=static address=none netsh interface ip show config goto end :B @ECHO OFF ECHO Resetting IP Address and Subnet Mask For DHCP netsh interface ipv4 set address name = “Local Area Connection 2″ source = dhcp netsh interface ipv4 set dns name=”Local Area Connection 2” source = dhcp ECHO Here are the new settings for %computername%: netsh interface ip show config goto end... read more

Virtual Identity: Your Key to E-commerce Success

E-commerce is a reliable and quick way to promote products and services in different countries and industrial segments.  This can be done by making a website that meets the criteria of different search engines as well as customer-specific requirements. Creating an online identity with an idea to generate business becomes very easy when few things are followed with commitment. Online sale and promotion of products and services can be achieved easily when it offers what clients want such as – better information, proper display of products, easy navigation, and wide reach. Some of the important tips to enhance your virtual presence and identity are listed below: Search Engine Optimization: Make your product visible to the clients looking for the particular product by incorporating keywords related to it. Search engine optimization, which is often termed as a synonym of e-marketing, is the key criteria which can promote your Website and earn many prospective clients. Along with this, ensure right Keyword density so that it doesn’t make it merely a keyword centric content but also offers relevant information about the product or service. Navigation Friendly Website: When a website is easy to navigate, it provides greater relief to the people who are looking for such content as well as to the accidental browsers. Visitors of an e-commerce site are presented thousands of options on internet, so if they are not comfortable with your website, a click is more than enough to cut you out of their shopping list. Relevant Web Content: Content is also called the king of the website. Thus, it should be informative as well as promotional. It should... read more

Evaluate Companys Potential before Investing in its Web Development Services

Every firm or an organization has its own website these days. But along with that, they want their website to have a high page ranking, which is possible only if the sites are developed well. Web development basically involves the designing of the websites along with coding, web content management, web server hosting, e-commerce development etc. for the website. Hence, it’s important to choose the right web development company. A good web development company is one that offers best web development services at a reasonable price and provides customized solution to all your business needs. But how do you look for one with so many cropping up in the market everyday? Read ahead to know… Do a complete research of the market for selecting the best web development company and choose the one offering packages within your budget. Then, analyze the experience of that company and how many projects have they undertaken in this domain. Prefer not to assign this task to a company that is new in this business. This can have adverse effects on your business. Make sure the web developers have profound knowledge about the latest technology and its working for developing a website. Ensure that they do not make use of same layouts of a website for each project undertaken by them. The web development company should be well acquainted with all the SEO strategies, as a perfectly planned approach is sure to expand the business of a firm. By communicating with the web development company, you would get a clear cut idea that whether they wish to be in a long term relationship or... read more

Value Of Web Content In Internet Marketing

For marketing on the World Wide Web, the proper depiction of the business through the written word is of the utmost importance. While pictures and flash animations play a decisive role in attracting the web surfers, the hardcore information that buyers look for in a website can be only explained through well-written content. With the advent of SEO techniques in Internet Marketing, Web Content has also emerged as a powerful tool to promote websites on the search engines. This write-up discusses how content and article writing are changing the face of internet marketing by adding substance to a website and also keeping the readers around the world hooked to it. Representation Of Business, Products And Services Content is the mirror that reflects the company’s image on the internet. No wonder then that most companies today are investing in professional writers who can represent them in the best manner. If we come to the products and services, then merely writing on the business offering is not sufficient; it has to be impactful enough to let a potential buyer want to avail it. Power of Keywords Relevant keywords, if properly inserted in the content of a website, attract the search engine crawlers to select your website for promotion. While on one hand it eases the task of ranking, on the other hand, the web surfers get easy access to the topics, products or services that they are searching for. Promotion Through Back Links Nowadays, article and blog writing have ceased to exist as mere informational mediums. In terms of businesses, these give the viewer crisp information about the industry or products.... read more